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David Gaynor Design is a design-build furniture company dedicated to a contemporary exploration of modernism, material awareness and industrial ingenuity. With a strong emphasis on process, DGD carefully evaluates elements such as proportion, scale, material, technique and context in every piece we make. Whether producing objects from the DGD line, custom residential pieces, or contract projects, these qualities are always adhered to.


David is a native New Yorker who found his passion for design and building at a young age while growing up in a furniture manufacturing family. DGD’s studio is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn a few blocks from where his father started the family business more than 4 decades ago. After graduating from the Furniture Department at RISD, David stayed in Providence working at Brown University and building custom furniture for 2 years. Upon returning to Brooklyn, he worked at Uhuru Design for 5 years in management, design, and production. David has since founded DGD to further explore and create his own ideas in furniture and design.

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